SMB Crew Gilles 2

Gilles Palmarini

Founder, Vocals & Guitar

Gilles was playing the blues long before he made it to the shore of NYC. His blues base came from the street of Paris at the early age of 14, traveling along from school to jam session with a guitar glued to his back on his 49.9cc moped. He played his first live show at 16 years old at Golf Drouot where other famous artist played there just years before like Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix. Then he went on to the US and eventually landed in Boulder, Co. After several tries started a band named Curtains in the punk genre and years later came back to his roots and picked up where he left off and started recording Space Reggae in the 90 s, then finely back to blues with the creation of Shower Me Blue. Gilles lives near Lyons, CO a musician s mecca at the foot of the Rocky Mountains where life is not always easy, where the weather can humble you and fast and where music comes from the gut first, then the heart. It can be heard on the songs you ll hear him play anywhere, anytime.