The Colorado native who started playing music in the alleys of Chicago, Bill Teags has traveled the world, performing with musicians in Rio de Janeiro, India, Tokyo, Europe and Puerto Rico.

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Vocals & Guitar

Gilles (“Jeel”) Palmarini is the founding member of Shower Me Blue. As a young lad growing up in Paris, France, Gilles fell in love with American blues and rock music. Relocating to the US in the ’80’s, he has been a mainstay of the Colorado music scene.

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Escaped from LA, Dingo Holtz has a long family tradition of drumming and brings his years of heavy-metal rhythms to Shower Me Blue. A veteran of both touring and studio work, he provides the backbone to SMB’s hard driving music.

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Live Rock n Roll!

Some like it loud. Some like it REAL LOUD!

Some like it soft, with a good ol’ heapin’ helpin’ of bluesy soul!!

A live show by the SMB crew is where it’s at!

Shower Me Blue will put a spell on your soul that makes you just wanna get up and rock out!! Whether there is a tappin’ of your toes, a wiggle to your booty, or an infectious – “I am totally possessed” – full on body shakin’ floor show, the SMB magic will get you motivated and in the groove!